How do I Scan ID in Person?

The verification of identity process can be completed in-person if your customer has presented at your business with their documentation.

The Scan ID in Person feature is available on all account types - if you don't see it in the Management Portal and would like to use it, please contact us.


In-person VOIs require your client's physical presence with their identity documents. You'll need to use a compatible device to scan your client's documents.

Steps to do an in-person verification

  1. Log into the Scantek Management Portal 
  2. Click the Add New button from the top right of the screen
  3. Select the In-person VOI tab
  4. Complete the relevant form fields
  5. Click Send Link to Myself
    • If you are logged onto a computer when completing this process then when submitted you will be sent a link to your mobile or email (depending on your security defaults).  You will also have the option to scan a QR code to start the verification.   Read our article on QR code safety if you are considering downloading an app to do this step
    • If you log into your account on a mobile or iPad then you will be automatically directed to the secure webpage in which you will complete the verification of Identity.
  6. Capture your client's documents by following the prompts
  7. Capture your client's selfie using the guides on screen
  8. Return to the Management Portal to view the results of the verification


Q. Can I add extra documents to the transaction?
A. Yes! See Request additional documents to support a verification
Q. How does billing for the verification work if we use in-person?
A. In-person verifications are charged to your monthly billing invoice.  
Q. Can I change which mobile number the link gets sent to?
A. Portal users with Owner permissions can view and update the phone number and email address for accounts via the User Management settings screen.