How do I Scan ID in Person?

The Scan ID option is only available for eligible accounts, including Scantek's SME configuration. If your organisation would like to complete in-person verifications, please contact our Sales team.


To complete the verification of identity process in person - whether it be in your store, branch or office - please complete the following steps: 

Step 1  Navigate to the Transaction List page and click the Scan ID button* 
Step 2

Accept access to browser features by clicking the following check boxes:

  • Camera & Microphone – enable
  • Device Location – enable
  • Privacy consent – I agree

Your browser may have additional pop-ups depending on its security settings. This shows an example of a Chrome browser access request.


Check that all features have been enabled – all checkboxes should be checked and highlighted in dark grey.


Click [Continue]

Step 3

The ‘In Person’ capture interface opens in a new window.

Click on [Australian Licence] to commence the capture process. 

Step 4

Click [Got It] once you have reviewed the short animation that explains that IDs are typically captured horizontally.

You may need to scroll down if completing this process on a tablet device.

Step 5

Clicking [Got It] will automatically activate the camera on your device.

The automatic capture will surface the relevant logo and a view finder to help you capture the relevant ID.  

Step 6

Align the ID to the capture marks shown so that the ID is lined up squarely.    

Step 7

Scantek’s system will automatically capture the ID when it detects that the image is of a sufficient quality.

Should you receive any blur or glare notifications, please adjust the lighting or placement of the ID until the blue highlights disappear.

Click [Green Tick] to confirm that the image has been captured correctly.

 Note: please do not obscure key details, such as the licence number as shown by the thumb here.  

Step 8

 The processing image shows that the ID has been successfully submitted to Scantek for advanced data extraction (optical character recognition).  

Step 9

Check that all document details have been correctly captured. This includes:

  • Correct spacing of Given Name, Middle Name(s) and Last Name exactly as it appears on your ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Document number

All of these details must be 100% correct to match against third party sources.

Step 10

For In Person VOI, it is important that the Person Being Verified understands that their ID details will be checked against official record holder(s) and other sources.

The Person Being Verified must provide informed consent before clicking [Confirm].

Step 11

To make sure that Person Being Verified matches their ID, the device’s front camera captures a single image.

Our advanced capture technology will not automatically capture an image until a human face has been detected.

Step 12

Once a human face has been detected, you will receive a [Complete] notification and a message that the data has been saved.

A pop-up confirmation will also briefly appear confirming that the process has been completed.

Step 13

Complete transactions will appear in the Management Portal with a status of ‘Complete’.