I can't enable the camera or location settings

Providing camera and location access before starting your identity verification

Many devices by default prevent access to camera, microphone and/or location. Scantek's solution needs access to one or more of these features to verify your identity. We only access these features during the VOI process.  

The steps for providing access varies depending on device and browser.  

iPad / iPhone

Settings need to be updated in two places for iOS devices. Safari web browser is preferred when completing the VOI process however Chrome can also be used. See below for instructions.

First, you will need to update your iPhone Privacy settings as follows:

1. Go to Settings
2. Select PrivacyPrivacy & Security
3. Select Location Services
4. Scroll down and select Safari Websites or Chrome depending on the browser you are using
5. Change access to While Using the App

Next (for Safari):

6. Go back to Settings on your iPhone
7. Scroll down to select Safari
8. Scroll down to select Camera
9. Change to Allow or Ask for all websites
10. Repeat step 9 for Microphone and Location

Next (for Chrome): 

11. Go back to Settings on your iPhone

12. Scroll down to select Chrome

13. Select Location

14. Set to While Using the App

You can then go back into the browser and refresh your page to try allow access again.

Android devices (like Pixel or Samsung)

First, ensure you are using Chrome for your browser and follow the links below for more assistance: