Is my device compatible?

Scantek's Verification of Identity solution is designed to work across a wide range of mobile devices.

For the best experience please use a recent version (i.e. current or previous to current) of your operating system and/or browser. 

We officially support:

  • iPhone or iPad iOS 15 and above using Safari
  • Android Version 8 and above using a recent version of Chrome

How to check your device and browser versions

The links below will take you to the manufacturer's support guides for checking which version you have.

What if my device is older, or I use a different browser?

Some older devices and browsers may let you start the identity verification process but will perform poorly. For example being unable to capture, or unable to move forward or backwards in the process.  If this is happening you can do one of the following:

  • Check that you have the most recent version of the operating system or browser and update it before trying again; or
  • Forward the text message you received with the Scantek link to another trusted, compatible device (e.g. belonging to a family member or friend) and continue the process from there.

Can I use a laptop or desktop with a camera?

No. Laptop and desktop cameras cannot take the quality of images we need to verify your information.  Our capture process is intentionally designed to prevent laptops or desktop computers being used.  A message will be displayed prompting you to switch over to a supported device by scanning a QR code. 

See our article When I click on the link it says my device or browser isn't supported for more information.

If you are encountering any issues, please step through our  troubleshooting advice