When is it OK to force match a verification?

This depends on the sector in which your organisation operates as well as your organisation's own internal policies and procedures.

The Scantek verification platform gives you the information you need to make appropriate business decisions.  As such, we cannot advise you on whether it's appropriate to force match a particular verification.  However, the points below can be used for general guidance.

Discretionary checks

Some checks serve to alert you to potential issues.  The greater the number of flagged checks in a transaction, the greater the risk of a genuine issue.

The results of the below checks can be visually assessed by a qualified person to determine the level of risk.  

Note that the reviewer must always be mindful of regulatory and policy requirements for their industry or organisation.  After careful consideration the force match feature may be suitable for the transaction.

Non-discretionary checks

These check results are either supplied by an external database or by our system to confirm if the information provided is valid or not.  It is up to the qualified reviewer to determine an appropriate action if this check fails.  If, after reviewing the results details, you need further clarification please contact us.