USER GUIDE: Venue Entry App

This guide is for new users who will be scanning patrons using the Scantek Venue Entry app.

How to set up the light ring

Check the device is connected to your venue's Wi-Fi network 

Logging In

Password Recovery

Scanning Interface

How to scan an ID

Troubleshooting incorrect scan results

Scan Count

Action Buttons

View Previous Scans

Ban Requests

Possible Ban Match

Capturing Digital IDs

Acceptable ID Types


Logging in to the Venue Entry app

An authorised person, such as the venue manager, will need to provide you with access. Login accounts are created via the Venue Entry Management Portal by someone with Manager access in the system.

To login, on the Venue Entry iPad provided by Scantek:

  1. Open the Scantek Venue Entry App
  2. Enter the email linked to your Venue Entry account
  3. Enter your password
  4. Select Remember Me so that you don't have to re-enter your email next time. 
  5. Tap Login.

Logging in for the first time?

When taking delivery of one of our Venue Entry devices you will need to use the Password Recovery feature to set a new password.

Password Recovery

  • On the app sign-in screen click Forgot Password and follow the onscreen instructions
  • A verification code will be sent to the email address used to log in - make sure you can access this email account as part of the password reset process. 
  • Enter this code received via email into the mobile app to reset the password.

Scanning interface

The information in this section is also in the guided tutorial that comes up whenever a user logs into the Venue Entry app. The tutorial can be viewed at a later stage by clicking the cog icon next the Venue Name in the top left corner and selecting Show tutorial.

Once you've successfully logged in, the scanning interface will be displayed. The scanning interface consists of:

  1. Venue Name - Displays the venue name as specified in the portal.
  2. Date and Time - Current device date and time.

  3. Scan ID - To begin scanning, tap this button.
  4. ID Photo window - Displays the captured ID image.
  5. Camera - Displays the captured camera image of the patron.
  6. Rescan - To re-take the camera photo. Option also available for #5.
  7. Patron Details - Displays the captured ID details.
  8. Edit - To rectify incorrectly captured ID details.
  9. Scan Status - Indicates whether the patron ID is acceptable or fraudulent; if patron is underage or banned.
  10. Action buttons - Select if the patron has been allowed entry, rejected, or flagged.
  11. Previous Scans - View the previous scans from earlier in the night.
  12. NSW DDL - This allows operators to scan the NSW Digital IDs. On-screen instructions will display to scan the digital ID.
  13. Scan Count - Automatically increments for every ID scanned.
  14. Other Information - Displays the app version, device ID and the date the ban list last synced to the scanning device.
  15. Connectivity Status - Indicates whether the scanning device is communicating with the Scantek Cloud for up-to-date information.

How to scan an ID

Before capturing an ID make sure the text on the physical ID is not obstructed due to residue, dirt, general wear-and-tear, or fading. 

If the document cannot be cleaned, please ensure you manually correct the missing details after scanning.

See also Tips for successful scanning

To scan a document:

  1. Tap the Scan button to begin the capture process.
  2. Align the physical ID between the viewfinder’s guidelines.
  3. The Venue Entry app will automatically detect and capture the ID.
  4. The patron's live photo will also be automatically taken for comparison with ID.  Alternatively, tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture of the patron.
  5. The results screen will display the captured images and the patron’s details.

Troubleshooting incorrect scan results

  • Try to keep the tablet as stable as possible. This will minimize blur in the document being captured. Blurry scans may result in inaccurate scan results and will require manual entry and/or a recapture of the document.
  • It is important that the lighting conditions under which the documents are captured are not too dark or too bright. If your venue has a dark environment, please use the ring light provided at the time of installation.
  • See also Tips for successful scanning

To fix the incorrect capture results:

●    Re-scan the document by tapping the Rescan button in the ID Photo window (1); or
●    manually edit (2) the captured ID details:

    1. Tap the Edit button in the Patron Details window.
    2. Tap the field that requires correcting and a keyboard will display.
    3. Once done, tap Update.

Scan Count

The counter is located at the top right corner of the scanning interface on the Venue Entry app. Regardless of the action performed by the operator, the counter will update with each ID scanned.

Action Buttons

  1. Accept - The patron’s document is valid, and you have allowed them into the venue. 
  2. Reject - The patron has been denied entry due to an active ban, patron is underage or antisocial behaviour. 
  3. Flag - To mark persons of interest for easier location of the patron later if required. This allows you to later filter the scans for flagged patrons.

View Previous Scans

The Previous Scans feature displays scans from earlier that night (within a 12-hours period). Any scans older than 12 hours are only accessible via the Venue Entry Management Portal.

To view the scans via the Venue Entry App, tap Previous Scans.

  1. Back to Scan - This will return you to the scanning interface.
  2. Time Frame - Select the time to view scans within the last hour, two hours, or more than two hours ago.
  3. Scan List - List of scans done within the selected time frame. To scroll, swipe left. Only scans within the last 12 hours are accessible, previous scans are available in the portal.

Note: Previous scans cannot be viewed by a user with Restricted Scanner permissions.

Ban Requests

Operators can submit a ban request via the Venue Entry App. Where the ban is submitted by a user who is not logged in with Manager permissions, the submitted ban will require approval from an authorised person before it becomes active. To request a ban:

  1. On the Venue Entry app, tap Previous Scans.
  2. Select the scan of the patron you would like to ban.
  3. Enter the required fields:
    1. Start Date
    2. Duration
    3. Reason
    4. Additional Details (Optional)
  4. Ensure the captured details are correct.
  5. Tap Request Ban to submit.

Note: An app user with Venue Scanner permissions can only request a ban. A Manager must approve the ban from the Portal before the ban is active.

If you have submitted the ban in the Venue Entry App as a manager user, the ban will automatically be active.

Possible Ban Match

When a patron’s scanned ID details partially match those of an existing ban(s), a pop-up will be displayed for the operators to compare and match the ban or deny the ban match.

In the instance where there is more than one ban match, swipe right across the Possible Duplication options.

If the ban is not a match, tap the ‘X’ to close the pop-up. Otherwise tap Mark as same person.

Capturing Digital IDs

The Venue Entry app provides the capability to capture NSW Digital IDs and AusPost digital IDs.

To scan an NSW Digital ID:

    1. Tap the NSW DDL button.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions; the patron must scan the displayed QR code with their phone:
      1. Log in to the Service NSW App.
      2. Select the driver license.
      3. Tap the dots in the right-hand corner.
      4. Click Sign in to a venue.
      5. Follow the process and scan the displayed QR code.
      6. The patron ID details will display on the main screen.

To scan the other digital IDs (AusPost):

    1. Tap the Digital ID button.
    2. A window to scan the QR code will display.
    3. Scan the QR code from the patron’s device; like scanning an ID.
    4. The patron ID details will display on the main screen. 

Acceptable ID Types

The Venue Entry app accepts all Australian Driver’s Licenses, all passports, and most international IDs. An acceptable document can be a:

  • Driver’s License,
  • Australian Digital License,
  • Passport,
  • Proof of Age Card,
  • Digital Proof of Age Card,
  • Keypass Identification by Australia Post