How to set up the light ring

Each Venue Entry mobile device comes with a light ring that is essential for successful ID scans. Install the light ring using these simple steps.

  1. Remove the ring light from the box. Ensure the charging cable is attached to the light. 

    NB. In future, avoid removing the cable from the ring light to reduce wear and tear on the charge port. 

    You will notice there is a button on the back of the light ring that adjusts the brightness of the light.  Scantek recommends using the lowest setting for best scan results.  

    Using higher settings may cause glare on the documents which will result in incorrect ID details being captured. 

2.    Flip the Venue Entry Device upside down and separate the velcro straps. 

3.  With the light facing outwards, clip the ring light to the top velcro piece.

4.  Put your hand under the bottom part of the strap and firmly press the velcro pieces together.         Using your strapped hand, rotate the green circle dial so that the device is angled comfortably.

5.  Now insert the charging cable into the device.  Do not remove the charging cable while scanning with the device.