Network connection for your Scantek devices

Before using your Scantek device, please connect the device to your venue's secure Wi-Fi network.

Your Scantek device connects to your venue's secure Wi-Fi network.  This can be set up as follows: 

How to connect to your venue's Wi-Fi

  1. Unlock the iPad
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap Wi-Fi
  4. Select your venue Wi-Fi network from the list
  5. Enter the Wi-Fi password
  6. A blue tick will appear next to the Wi-Fi Network once the Venue Entry device is connected

Scantek strongly recommends not connecting your mobile device to any unsecured Wi-Fi network or free public Wi-Fi network.

What if the Wi-Fi connection fails?

As a failsafe, the device you receive from Scantek has an eSIM that will connect to the internet automatically if the Wi-Fi connection is broken. This means you can continue to scan IDs without disruption, and can reconnect to your venue Wi-Fi once it is restored.