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How many login accounts do I need?

This guide helps you work out how best to set up the user accounts for Venue Managers and door staff so that ongoing management of these is quick and easy.

When we set up your venue for the first time we give you one Venue Manager login and one Scanner login to start with.  The responsibility lies with venues to add additional user accounts. If you will be using more than one mobile device for scanning IDs then you will need to have one user account per device. 

For security and convenience reasons we strongly discourage using personal email accounts, especially for temporary staff. 

TIP # 1: For multi-venue operations you must be able to identify the venue in the email address

If you have an email address with a parent company's domain e.g. john.manager@parentcompany.com you will not be able to use this email address globally across the Scantek Venue Entry management portals.

What to do
If you don't have the option to use venue-specific email addresses e.g. john.manager@venueA.com then we recommend using email aliases instead.  Email aliases allow you to maintain unique addresses that all direct to the same inbox.  This is important as login verification codes will be sent via email.

Here is an example of how to structure email aliases for an individual and for generic accounts:

  • john.manager_VenueA@parentcompany.com
  • john.manager_VenueB@parentcompany.com
  • scanner1_VenueA@parentcompany.com
  • scanner2_VenueA@parentcompany.com
  • etc.

Here are instructions on how to set up email aliases for three common email services:

TIP #2:  Use generic logins for temporary and roving staff

Logins are not reusable across multiple venues.  You can avoid setting up user accounts whenever new staff are rostered on by using generic email addresses.  Have at least one generic email address per mobile scanning device.  Here's how this can be structured:

  • scanner1@venueA.com
  • scanner2@venueA.com
  • scanner1@venueB.com
  • scanner2@venueB.com


Further, when you set up these generic user accounts in the Scantek Management Portal, you can use the First Name and Surname fields to label them for easier identification and management.

How this works

Generic logins can be rotated among staff at a venue.  If they are rostered to a different venue on a subsequent shift, then the new venue needs to assign their own generic login.  

Venues are responsible for ensuring passwords are reset regularly for generic logins. This is particularly important when there is a high turnover of Scanner operators.

TIP #3: Deactivate user accounts that are only used occasionally

Keep secure control over who can access your Venue Entry mobile devices and the management portal.  Only have user accounts active if they are in use.  How to deactivate an account.

TIP #4:
Read our article Recommended security practices for venues to learn how to balance security with ease of use.