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This article answers common questions on Scantek's Venue Entry product.

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Q: What are the key features of the Venue Entry product?

Venue Entry is Scantek’s new innovative mobile scanning product that combines a simple to use, intuitive Identity Document (ID) scanning application with an Apple iPad. The product allows a venue to verify a person’s ID, and notify if the person is underage or has a current ban within Scantek's national database of bans.  

Key features:

  • Access to a large database of bans – Scantek is Australia’s largest ID scanning provider with a database of close to 30,000 bans. Venue Entry can instantly notify the venue if a patron has a match to a ban in Scantek’s national database.
  • Fast and accurate scans – Venue Entry can automatically scan a patron’s ID, take a live photo of the patron and display the patron’s ID data, and verification result – allowing the venue to make a quick decision on whether to let the patron into the venue.
  • Digital ID scanning – Venue Entry has the capabilities to scan digital IDs, as well as physical IDs.
  • Automated international ID scanning – Venue Entry is able to automatically detect an international ID, which means the venue doesn’t have to spend time identifying the country of the ID, allowing patrons to move through quicker.
  • Instant results – Venue Entry can detect and notify the venue if the patron has a current ban, the patron is underage, and can provide warnings if the ID is expired.
  • Fuzzy matching – Venue Entry can determine if there is a partial or possible ban match, enabling venues to review the matches to provide added protection to the licensee.
  • Create venue bans – Venue Entry allows venue bans to be created from a scan. Where the venue chooses to ban a patron, a user can create a ban from a previous scan.
  • Flag patrons – Venue entry allows a user to flag a patron where required, for later review or creating a patron ban.
  • Management Portal – Venue Entry offers a back-of-house management portal that allows a venue manager to review previous scans, manage bans, view statistics via a dashboard, run reports, manage venue settings and manage user accounts.

Q: What is the pricing structure for the Venue Entry product?

Our Venue Entry Product is available for $93.50/week subscription (incl. GST), billed monthly on a 12 month contract, plus a once-off set-up fee of $550 (incl. GST).

The subscription includes:

  • iPad and Venue Entry scanning application;
  • Heavy duty iPad case with hand strap;
  • A wall, desk or floor mount/stand if required;
  • Light accessory (clips onto the back of the case);
  • Lanyard;
  • Regular maintenance and upgrades of the scanning application; and
  • Customer support.

If your Venue is in a Queensland Safe Night Precinct, please contact us for your pricing structure.

Q: Why should I choose Scantek over other ID scanning providers?

Scantek is a solely Australian company that has been developing and refining its custom in-house identity document scanning software for the Australian market since 2012. As experts in the industry, Scantek is highly experienced in large-scale roll-outs of ID scanning solutions across Australia, covering metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

Our core business includes:

  • ID scanning and data extraction;
  • ID and Identity verification;
  • Fraud detection;
  • Biometric matching; and
  • Liveness checking.

Scantek’s customers benefit from Scantek having complete control over the scanning software, and the ongoing upgrades and maintenance. This ensures our products are continually improved through feedback from our customers, address customers’ business needs, and data is always safe and secure.

Scantek holds a large database of IDs, which means that our Venue Entry product has the capability to read Australian and international passports, Australian driver licences, international drivers licenses in English, and many other ID types.

In addition, as our systems are installed in many venues across Australia, Scantek holds a large database of nearly 30,000 bans. This means that venues have a far higher chance of an accurate ban match with our systems compared with our competitors'.

Q: How do I book in a demo session?
Please contact the Scantek sales team here.

Q: What are the key differences between the Venue Entry product and the Nightlife product?

Venue Entry is our new, next-generation mobile scanning product that provides a lower cost, light weight and portable ID scanning and verification solution, deployed on an Apple iPad device. As one of Scantek’s core products, users of Venue Entry will continue to receive upgrades and new features over the next few years as Scantek continually improves and refines the product.

In addition to the key features, upcoming features include:

  • Live patron count – the ability to switch between scan count or live patron count, depending on whether the venue would like to utilise Venue Entry to keep count of the patrons entering and leaving the venue.
  • Multiple ban matching– notification that a patron has multiple bans and providing the user with the ability to review the bans for matching.
  • Reports – the ability to run reports on patron statistics for the venue from the management portal.

Our Venue Entry product is quick to deploy, quick to use, quick to maintain and quick to replace if the device is damaged.

The Nightlife product consists of the large fixed black ID Scanning Terminals (IST) that sits at the entrance of the venue. To scan an ID, the user must insert the ID into the IST. While the IST is fast to scan, it is not portable. Due to the size and complexity of the hardware and software integration, deployment and replacement may take up to a week, and these units do not benefit from quick upgrades like the Venue Entry product. The IST also requires a Local Venue Host (LVH) installed to operate.

Our Nightlife product is a Scantek legacy product, and will be phased out over the coming months.

Q: Is personal data as secure with Venue Entry, as it is with the Nightlife ISTs?

Venue Entry uses best practice for data storage. Our Venue Entry product does not store any data on the device, rather, all scans are processed in the Scantek Cloud, hosted by Amazon Web Services only in Australia. This means that the solution receives all the data security benefits from highly reputable, innovative, industry-leading infrastructure and processes, which are built and managed in line with the best security practices and standards in mind.

Q: Does the Venue Entry scanning device connect to Wi-Fi?
Yes. See our article Network connection for your Scantek-supplied device for more information.

Q: Can I install the app on my own mobile device?

No. The Venue Entry app is not publicly available for install.  Our subscription service ensures you have the best quality experience including regular maintenance and upgrades.

Q:  Do I need a login to use the Venue Entry app?

Yes.  The new Venue Entry product introduces secure logins with multi-factor authentication (MFA).  See our articles on User Accounts and Logging In for more information on how this works.