R31.0 - 15 November 2022


Portal version: 1.31.5
WebSDK version: 912-a2e8115

New features

Good news! Our Conveyancing customers will now be able to request additional documents from their clients.  This can be done either as part of the initial VOI transaction or after the VOI has been completed. Conveyancers can also drag and drop documents directly to the VOI transaction, so you can keep all your client's key documentation together.  The new feature allows collection and storage of supporting documents such as Change of Name certificates, Signed Client Authorisation Forms and Permanent Residency Visa.

Our article Request additional documents gives more detail on how to use this new feature.


  • VOI Subjects
    • Improved manual data entry experience for iOS users with stored autofill data on their phone

  • Portal
    • Unclassified documents will no longer show all fields that may not be related to them in the portal, just their matching image
    • If the ID face photo cannot be read the facial comparison will display the message "Unable to Analyse" in the document card and the biometric check will fail.
    • New Zealand Driver Licenses will now show their applicable fields instead of the general fields for all documents.
    • Venue Entry - Ability to manually enter date of birth for bans if ID details were not read as intended


The following issues have been resolved:

  • VOI Subjects
    • Fixed an issue with Northern Territory Drivers Licenses not classifying correctly
    • Fixed liveness capture not working for "smile" and "raise eyebrows" under certain physical and technical conditions
  • Portal
    • Fixed issue so multi-photo documents display all images as expected
    • Fixed issue where an error message is received when portal is resized to a smaller window
    • Issue fixed so that 'Remember me' setting for multi-factor authentication has account settings correctly applied
    • Exporting the PDF version of a transaction will now show the correct page of documents used for primary identification and will show the applicable names for supplementary documents