R30.0 - 10 October 2022

Portal version: 1.30.2
WebSDK version: R30-862-ac238d1


  • VOI Subjects
    • Subjects with only a single name will no longer need to enter data into both First and Last name fields when capturing ID details.  Subjects are advised to use the Surname field to enter their name.
    • Users of the new iPhone 14 Pro will be able to submit better quality images due to blur reduction improvements.
  • Portal
    • Portal users who juggle multiple logins can now easily see which account they're logged in as. The name of the account owner is displayed in the top right corner of the screen next to the logo as shown below.
    • When reviewing Liveness Check results users can see biometric markers on all images by hovering over them.  In addition, they will see a green border around the image if the system is confident it is a match, and an orange border if the system is not confident it is a match. See How do I interpret the Facial Comparison for more information.

    • When reviewing images of the captured ID, if there are multiple images to review (e.g. the front and back of a Drivers Licence) you can see how many images are available and easily switch between them. Click on each image to enlarge it.

    • To improve security for sensitive ID documents we have now added preventative measures to limit the ability to export images outside the portal.


The following issues have been closed:

  • Venue Entry - date of birth fields that were obscured during scanning displayed incorrectly in the portal.
  • 500 error on transactions when certain data was omitted when the account was provisioned
  • "Turn around" button obscured when a portrait oriented image is displayed as part of a multi-page capture (e.g. drivers licenses)
  • Very long first and last names in Transaction List and Transaction Details not displaying correctly