How to request End Customer payment

The End Customer payment solution allows you to choose if your customer pays for our service directly.

The End Customer payment a custom feature available to organisations on request.  Please contact our team if you would like to know more.

  1. Log in to the Scantek Management Portal
  2. On the Transaction List screen select Send SMS or Send Email 
  3. The form will display the Request payment toggle as either On or Off depending on the defaults chosen for your organisation.
    • If the toggle is set to On then the verification process will include online payment steps.  The payment is authorised only after the End Customer has completed and submitted all the required verification details.  The payment will be made to Scantek via our online payment service provider.
    • If the toggle is set to Off then the verification process will not have any online payment steps.  Your organisation will be invoiced by Scantek directly for all verifications completed in this manner.  

4. Complete all relevant fields in the SMS or Email request form and click Send.