R26 - 25 August 2022

Portal version: 1.28.8
WebSDK version: 717-200c78e

New Features

  • Next Generation portal launched: We are excited to launch the Scantek's upgraded portal starting with our Conveyancing platform.  Designed to improve customer relationships our Next Generation portal features numerous improvements to the digital interface. Portal users will be able to interpret VOI results more easily and manage their transaction queue more efficiently.  This is the beginning of a series of planned new features to enhance the transaction management experience. Our new and improved platform has been built to bring it inline with industry standards.
  • Venue Entry: Another exciting new product is now in launch mode with Scantek's app-based venue entry solution.  The solution is being offered to existing Nightlife customers as the evolution to our legacy ID scanners and will soon be available to new customers.  See our FAQs article for more information.


    • VOI Subjects
      • Options to select Document Type and Document Country during the capture process now limited to those specific to the workflow
      • Improved ability to detect unsupported browsers and enable subjects to continue
    • Portal
      • Clearing filters set on the Transaction List is now possible before choosing Apply
      • PDF export is now disabled when a transaction status is Needs Sign-off (specific configurations only)
    • Technical
      • The legacy platform has been updated to new API endpoints to implement DVS checks on DL card number
      • Speed and load size improvements implemented


    The following issues have been closed:

    • Error logging improved to detect if transaction reminders fail to send
    • Date validation is not fully enforced / can be circumvented on non-OCR generated forms
    • Filter settings for "Created By" field not remaining in place when moving between Transaction Details and Transaction List screens
    • Browser conflict for subjects using some versions of Safari preventing date picker values from being displayed