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Why do I have to verify my identity?

There are many reasons why an organisation may have requested Scantek to verify your identity on their behalf including: 

  • Prevent identity fraud - identity verification is an important security measure designed to ensure a person is who they claim. By verifying the identity of a client or new employee, businesses can run checks to ensure that the person is not a fraudster, criminal, bad actor, or attempting a scam without you having to visit a store or branch.
  • Confirm Right to Work - identity verification is used to check that you have the appropriate visas in place prior to commencing employment.  
  • Meet regulatory requirements - many regulated industries, including financial services, currency exchange and gambling, have strict requirements to confirm that they Know Your Customer (KYC) to reduce money laundering, counter-terrorism financing and identify politically exposed persons. 
  • Reduce violence - many venues trust Scantek to identify patrons that have been involved in previous incidents or who have been identified as banned drinkers. 

If you have any questions about the purpose of the verification process you are being asked to complete please contact the requesting organisation directly.