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What can Customer Service Support help with?

Gain a better understanding of how each of our departments can help.

Scantek’s ‘non-technical helpdesk service is included in our standard VOI rates. Our standard support service operates Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm AWST excluding public holidays for users internal to your organisation.  

They provide:  

  • Incident management (something not working as expected)  

  • Answer general operational and functional questions specific to Scantek VOI platform for nominated users  

  • Technical and diagnostic support (replicate issues where a similar device is available)  

  • Notifying you of planned Scantek platform upgrades (including release notes), scheduled issuer downtime and unplanned system outages  

  • User account creation  

You can contact our Customer Support Team by email: support@scantek.com OR by phone: 1300 552 106.