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Verifying Victorian Driver Licences December 2022

As VicRoads transition to a new card design, a staged approach to how card numbers are verified is being introduced. Here's what you need to know.

From Monday 19 December 2022, Victorian Drivers Licence card numbers will start to be mandatory for verification by DVS (similar to most other states).  

For now this will only apply to cards that were compromised in the Optus data breach. People who had their card details stolen have either received a new card or an address label/sticker with their card number on. 

Here's what happens in the Scantek document capture process to handle the various scenarios: 

1. New VIC Drivers Licence

Our document capture process will automatically capture this card number. This card number will be checked by DVS as part of the verification so, as always, subjects should confirm the capture is correct and edit it if needed. 


2. Old VIC Drivers Licence with address label

Our document capture process will not automatically capture this card number - the subject will be prompted to manually enter it during the capture process.  These card numbers will be checked by DVS as part of the verification.


NB. If the card number is not on the address label then refer to scenario 3 below. It means this card was not impacted by the data breach.

3. Old VIC Drivers Licence

If there's no address label with a card number on this type of card, then the subject should enter anything (e.g. A0000000) to proceed.  This is a required field in our system, but DVS will not be checking it.

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In the VOI management portal, if all other details are valid the verification may succeed.  The Issuing Authority message on the Transaction Details screen will display "Successful Match - Card Number has not been checked".

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