Birth certificate troubleshooting tips

Having trouble entering your birth certificate details?   This page contains important information to help you complete the process. Follow these troubleshooting queries in the order shown.

1. Do you have a certificate type that cannot be verified digitally?
2. Are you entering the correct information?
3. Do you see a registration number error message?

Birth certificate types that cannot be verified digitally

Scantek birth certificate verification can only be used for Australian birth certificates.  International birth certificates cannot be verified at this point in time.  

Certain types of Australian birth certificate cannot be verified digitally for a variety of reasons.  If you have one of the types listed below please complete the verification using an alternative identity document if possible.  If this is not possible, please contact the organisation that has requested the verification to arrange an alternative method.

  • Commemorative certificates
  • Certificate extracts
  • Births registered in Norfolk Island or in Papua New Guinea
New South Wales (NSW)
  • Birth records prior to 1952 that contain a district number only
Tasmania (TAS)
  • Birth certificates issued (printed) before 1 January 1970
  • Single name certificates
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Birth certificates issued (printed) before 1 January 1930
  • Identity Acknowledgement certificates
Victoria (VIC)
  • Birth certificates where a change of name, correction or a legitimation occurred before and during 1993
Northern Territory (NT)
  • Identity Acknowledgement Certificates
Queensland (QLD)
  • Birth certificates where the birth occurred prior to 1 January 1941
  • Single name certificates
South Australia (SA)
  • Birth certificates issued (printed) prior to 1 January 1944
  • Identity Acknowledgement Certificates
  • District certificates issued in the following Districts: Adelaide, Angaston, Burra, Clare, Daly, Flinders, Frome, Encounter Bay, Gawler, Gilbert, Grey, Hindmarsh, Kapunda, Mount Barker, Murray, Norwood, Pinnaroo, Pirie, Port Adelaide, Robe, Talunga and Wilunga
Western Australia (WA)
  • Birth certificates issued in the Cocos Islands prior to 1955
  • Birth certificates issued by/in Christmas Island prior to 1 July 1993

Are you entering the correct information?

When entering birth certificate details please be aware that:

  • Birth date, registration date and issue (printed) date are all different pieces of information - please ensure you use the correct one as specified during the verification process
  • Certificate number and registration number are different pieces of information -  please ensure you enter the correct one as specified on the form

Steps to troubleshoot a registration number error message

The most common issue when entering birth certificate details is that the registration number is not accepted and a red warning message is displayed.  If this happens please troubleshoot by following these steps:

  1. Check if your birth certificate type is listed in Birth certificates that cannot be verified - if not continue with the following steps in the order shown.
  2. Beneath the Registration number field there is green text showing an example of the correct format needed for the number e.g. 123421X/2000 - confirm the number you are attempting to enter has the same string of characters. Refer to Are you entering the correct information? to check if you are entering the right number.
  3. In the Document Region dropdown confirm you have selected the correct State or Territory.
  4. In the Document Type dropdown confirm you have chosen the correct document type.  The dropdown choices are based on the issue date of your birth certificate.  This is NOT the same as your birth date or the registration date.
  5. In the Document Type dropdown, if the issue date of your certificate is close to the date shown (e.g. one month or less from the date shown), and all other steps here have not resolved the issue, then select the date range that precedes the one you originally chose.  This is because in some instances old certificate stock was used up before issuing the new stock.
  6. If you believe you have accurately entered all information and there is still a red error message please contact us for support.