R20.1 - 23 May 2022

WebSDK version: 546-b82d71b
Portal version: 1.23.5


  • Portal users
    • Improvements to the passport capture screen for subjects will result in a better automatic match rate for these transactions, meaning less manual intervention for portal users.
  • VOI Subjects
    • The passport capture screen now provides more intuitive guidance to help VOI subjects position their passport in the correct orientation so that the ID information can be automatically captured.
    • Upgrade of the user interface design of various screens in the capture process
    • Improved performance of the passport capture process on iOS devices


The following issues have been closed:

  • Filter settings when returning to the Transaction List after viewing the Transaction Details page
  • Opening of the completed transaction in the management portal for NSW Digital Drivers License verifications
  • Page loading for API generated transactions with blank first and last names 
  • Classification of Northern Territory Heavy Vehicle Licenses during capture process
  • Capture of Western Australia Drivers Licenses with April date of birth
  • Capture issue for UK Passport passport number field containing numeric value 0