R16.01 - 06 April 2022


WebSDK version: 510-e0e97c4
Portal version: 1.21.2-20220331021232-99eb8d2

New Features

  • No new features this time (but we're getting ready to launch our new Venue Entry Android and iOS mobile apps in the coming weeks!)


  • Portal users
    • Our default SMS and email wording is now more user-friendly and clearly shows the name of the organisation requesting the verification. 
    • The top navigation in the portal now links to our Help Centre for release notes and user guides.
    • We've improved the way our Online Fraud check calculates the risk of users who are verifying from overseas so that international users can be verified without issue.

  • VOI Subjects
    • Improvements to the birth certificate capture process have been made to help ensure the correct District and registration number are entered.
    • We've now ensured payment receipts will be emailed to end users who use the online payment solution.
    • Auto-capturing of passport information under low lighting conditions is now much more accurate.


The following issues have been closed:

  • Facial comparison check not occurring as required for Northern Territory Drivers Licenses
  • Northern Territory Drivers License document type incorrectly labelled in the Transaction Details screen