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What technology does Scantek's VOI solution use?

How Scantek keeps your identity safe and secure

Scantek’s Identity Verification ecosystem uses advanced technologies - it is much safer than sending your documents via email; reading your personal details out over the phone or providing a copy that is left on someone's desk. 

Advanced Machine Learning

For many document types, machine learning is used to identify, classify and extract information from your ID with minimal input. Our machine learning system is constantly being updated in real time to ensure it delivers fast, accurate results. 

Facial biometrics 

Like your fingerprint, your facial features are used to protect your identity. By capturing your facial features and comparing against your ID stops others from fraudulently using your identity. Head movements are randomised so that no ‘fake selfies’ are used.

Security at every step  

Scantek operates using Transport Layer Security protocols which ensures end-to-end security to ensure that captured information remains secure and is only read by the intended people. As a digital system, there is no paper trail to put your personal information at risk.