Banned patrons FAQ

Below are the most common questions we get about being banned from venues that use our ID scanning technology.

Queensland patrons only

Please refer to the Queensland State Government's Refusal of Service page for information on ban types, ban duration and enquiries.

Q:  Can Scantek remove or alter the ban placed on me?

No.  Scantek is not authorised to change the ban status, details or any other information relating to the ban.  Please contact the venue that placed the ban to address your concerns.

Q:  If I am banned from one venue, does that mean I'm banned from all venues?

Your banned status will be visible to other venues that use Scantek ID scanners.  This does not mean you will be automatically banned but the information may be used to decide whether to grant you access. 

Q:  How long is my venue entry ban for?

Please fill out our Banned Patron Form to request information about your ban, and a member will be able to assist.