Accessories for Venue Entry

We know that the way every Venue Scans is different, so we have a range of accessories to help you get patrons through the door.

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Mounting Solutions


Stand Full image (2)-1

Originally used to support the old-school Nightlife machines, Scantek has converted these to be used with the Venue Entry System. Sturdy, strong and stable, these bad boys won’t be easily knocked around and put distance between you and the Patron. All stands come with a basic mount for Venue Entry as standard. 

Adjustable Arm


Why not try our adjustable arm when space is in limited supply? This can be installed into a wall and folded away when not in use. Simple! All stands come with a basic mount for Venue Entry as standard. 

Basic Mount


Already have an Adjustable arm or Stand from being a lifelong Scantek fan? No worries! We can supply you with a Basic Mount which will work with the existing infrastructure. 

Desktop Model

image (6) (1)

If you’re a Venue with a front desk or podium, why not try one of our desktop models? Sleek and stable, this beauty will allow you to operate the machine and a till hands-free. Each desktop model is supplied a USB hub inside, so all the electronics can run off one mains power point.

Theft Deterrent 

Key Lockable iPad holder


Do you operate in an area where 5-finger discounts are common? Never fear! Lock up the iPad with this key-lockable solution. 



Another way to protect your Venue Entry system from sticky fingers is through tethering. The tethers are made of a thin, durable steel cable, providing an effective theft deterrent.  Simply install and BYO lock. 

Tethers can be installed at Scantek HQ before the product ships out, or a kit can be sent to your venue for you to install. Please just let us know what length you'd like.


Power Pack


20230621_105013 (1)

Opted for an adjustable arm or stand and want a way to charge all the time? We’ve got you sorted! This Power Pack runs a 5-port USB hub (each port has power regulated to allow maximum charging on each port and reduced power surge risk). The cable pack can be easily attached to the stand or adjustable arm to reduce rouge cables. 

Stand Here Floor Stickers

Available in Small and Large sizes. These R12 slip-rated stickers are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are perfect for adhering to rough surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, brick or low-pile carpet.
Meets AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials. 

Venue Entry Conditions 

Printed on A4 Corflute for durability, or we can provide you with the PDF for your printing needs. These can be supplied free of charge. 

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