R15.01 - 21 March 2022

WebSDK version: 499-ee86508
Portal version: 1.19.0-20220316081826-1146219

New Features

  • End customer payment feature
    Our Conveyancing clients will now be able to choose if their End Customer will handle the cost of verification directly, thereby avoiding an administrative and invoicing overhead.  The option is available for each verification request and, if selected, a secure payment feature is embedded seamlessly into the verification process. Stay tuned for more news from Scantek as we start to roll out this exciting new feature.
  • Working with Archived transactions just got easier
    Archiving transactions is a useful way to clear out your transaction list so you only see valid transactions.  Now you can choose to view and search Archived transactions directly from the transaction list.  Portal users can also choose to Unarchive a transaction.  See our article Archiving a transaction record for all the details.


  • Portal users
    • We've added extra information into our portal interface to help portal users work more effectively with verifications.  This includes: clearer messaging about why issuing authority checks fail, clearer labelling to show when a result has been manually forced, display of the uncut image of scanned ID documents, and display of the communications history with the verification subject.
    • Now portal users can also search the transaction list using filters based on the status of a transaction, allowing for more efficient management of verifications.
  • VOI Subjects
    • If the subject manually captures their Identity Document information their name and date of birth will now be compared with what was provided in their other documents.  If the details don't match, they will see a warning message and have the chance to correct the error.
  • System enhancements
    • An upgrade to the Machine Learning model has been deployed to provide support for passports, improve orientation predictions and improve Optical Character Recognition in long names.
    • An upgrade to the VEVO query method will ensure visa checking via VEVO is more robust.


The following issues have now been closed :

  • Queensland Drivers License multiple last names swapping round
  • Queensland Drivers License validation error when document number has spaces
  • Victoria Birth Certificate registration number shows incorrect validation message
  • Queensland Birth Certificate mandatory fields not enabled
  • Medicare validation message for card number incorrect
  • Submit option not visible on Centrelink card when Middle name field is blank
  • Supplementary document request feature not functioning as expected